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Welcome to Al's Overspray Removal  
The trusted authority in overspray removal.

Onsite Automotive/Boat
/Plane Overspray Removal

Whether your affected vehicle is parked on your jobsite or at your home, we can take care of it. Fully mobile overspray removable means we come to you wherever you are.

We Work With Insurance Companies

If your claim contains 1 car or 1000 cars, we can handle the task. We work with insurance companies to handle every step of the overspray removal process, from start to finish. Making the process as stress free as possible for you. Our process is safe on all surfaces of the vehicle, this saves you a lot of money on replacement trim and costly paint jobs.

Friendly, Reliable, Trustworthy

Being a client who has been affected with overspray can be stressful. We are here to help! We know that having paint, cement, epoxy or any other substance on your vehicle can be annoying or bothersome, at times even dangerous. We provide a quick response time and effective techniques to remove said overspray in a safe manner

Paint, Cement, Epoxy, Industrial Fallout

We have handled several types of overspray, whether it being cement, paint, epoxy, adhesive, or industrial fallout. We can safely remove any substance from your vehicle without causing any harm to your factory paint or trim.

Our business mainly revolves around Auto Overspray and Auto Detailing. We remove impurities on the surface of the vehicles without damaging the surface of the car. And while most of the projects we work on involve cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, we also offer top-notch overspray removal services for boats and planes! We fix all types of problems and bring out the standout shine your vehicle deserves. 

Some examples of the work we do include: Overspray Removal, Concrete or acid removal, water spots removal, industrial concrete & water fallout, and more. We also do scratch removal services, paint correction, and other quality services that bring out the shine and beauty of your vehicle.

We offer our services to clients nationwide, and a large portion of our business comes from private individuals, corporate clients, insurance companies, and general contractors on the West Coast.

Al's Overspray Removal stands out from the rest because what other well-known businesses do is hire third-party detailers to do their work without the clients' knowledge. The clients pay extra for work the company didn't actually do. With Al's Overspray Removal, this never happens. We do all the work in-house, with our seasoned team of expert detailers. This ensures consistent top quality service that delivers superior results every time. No third-party overspray removal and detailing contractors - no secrets - no extra costs. 

Professional Service

With thousands of vehicles taken care of, we have the knowledge and experience it takes to get any type of overspray safely removed from your vehicle and bring back that factory shine it once had.

​Quality You Can Trust

Trust Al's Overspray Removal to handle any of your overspray needs, we have experience removing overspray from painted surfaces, trim surfaces, glass, windows, chrome surfaces and more! Have an overspray claim? Don't hesitate, call us now! (323) 821-0668
The vehicle pictured here is an example of the quality one can expect to receive here at Al's Overspray Removal. Before: vehicle was heavily affected with epoxy overspray from a tiling job. After: epoxy overspray has been safely removed from vehicle and polished to a mirror finish!
​Epoxy Overspray