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Albert. The owner of Al’s Onsite
Professional Overspray Removal.


The owner of Al’s Onsite Professional Overspray Removal. With years of professional automotive detailing experience, he has lived all his life in Los Angeles, handled hundreds of overspray claims and has dozens of references to prove it. 

At Al’s Onsite Professional Overspray Removal our mission is to make the overspray removal process as smooth as possible for both the affected clients and contractors/insurance adjusters as well.

We work directly onsite, which means clients can get the overspray issue resolved from the comfort of their residence or while at work.

We have a very prompt response time which means contractors can get back on the job faster, and the issue resolved in a timely manner. We work with contractors insurance companies, and make the process as smooth as possible for the adjuster.
Top quality, safe and effective paint
overspray removal clients trust.
I have been working in vehicle detailing for a long time and when I learned that there is a market for paint overspray removal services, I knew right away that this was something I'd love to do and base my business on. So in 2016, I set out and established Al's Overspray Removal as my way of offering better overspray removal and detailing services for vehicle owners, insurance companies, corporate clients, and others.

Here at Al's Overspray Removal, we take pride in the quality of work we deliver and the level of personalized service we provide. When you come to us here at Al's Overspray Removal, you can be sure to get the outstanding service you deserve from start to finish. We take the time to listen to our clients' needs in order to gain a full understanding of what it is they want to achieve with our services. We make sure to work closely with them every step of the way to deliver exceptional results they're sure to love. 

With our wealth of knowledge and experience in the detailing and overspray industry, we use only the best professional products and equipment to achieve the superior results our clients have come to love and expect from us. For us here at Al's Overspray Removal, nothing gives us greater satisfaction than seeing the happiness on our clients' faces the moment they see the finished results for their car, boat, or plane.